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Proven Genetic

Farm Services

A.I. Programs Tailored to Maximize your Herd Performance:

  • Embryo Transfers (By Certified Embryologist)
  • Embryo Recovery
  • Semen Sales
  • Embryo Sales
  • Year-Round Donor Facility with fans & mist systems
  • Recips Available
  • Recip Management - our facility or yours

Blood & Hair Testing

  • Pregnancy Check
  • DNA Test

*BioPryn Pregnancy Testing Benefits: non-invasive and embryo safe, accurate results 28 days post breeding, 99% accurate to determine open cows in order to re-synch into breeding program.

Ask about our Complete Herd Health Programs!
Other Services Offered:
  • Mating for ultimate performance through 25+ years experience in Superior Genetics

  • Marketing

  • Bull Lease Programs

  • Cattle Transportation
  • Soil Testing (by Certified Lab)

  • Forage Fertility Programs

  • Fencing & Facility Construction & Maintenance
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